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Lina Souchon (1837-1899?)

Lina Arnold was born in 1837 in Cologne into a world of music. Her father Friedrich Wilhelm Arnold was a musician, composer and music publisher. Lina's childhood and youth were shaped by her father's music, his shop filled with instruments as well as his publishing business. She was privileged in having Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms as her music teachers and she was talented in both piano and vocals. She attended chamber music sessions and concerts, mingled with well-known composers, conductors and pianists.
As a young adult Lina travelled widely throughout Prussia and Europe and lived for extended periods in Paris, London and Berlin. In her late twenties, she met the Master Builder Adolf Souchon in Berlin, the two married in 1867. When Adolf was appointed Royal District Master Builder in 1874, they moved to Oels in Lower Silesia. In the following years Lina continued travelling, visiting her family and friends in music. She maintained a life-long relationship with both Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms.
Her last years were spent engaged in cultural life in the surroundings of Breslau. Lina Souchon's only remaining relative, her niece Lily Schnabel visited her in Oels shortly before Lina died at the cusp of the 20th century.
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